What’s trending in home design this year?

As the chaotic year of 2020 comes to a close, it’s time for us to look forward to the brand new year. To start the year in style, we’ve compiled the best house design trends from expert designers. Find out which interior styles are in for the year 2021. 

Industrial Style 

Industrial interior style never really fades, and in 2021, we’ll see more of it incorporated in various home designs. We’ll see exposed stonework in living areas, homes with high ceilings, and many wood and metal combinations. As most of us continue to spend more time at home, we’re going to see many industrial interiors that work well as places for living, work, and play.  

Ocean Hues 

While it looked like the appeal of coastal design faded away in 2020, many people have yearned for the calm contemporary look of relaxing ocean hues. When most of us can’t travel and go to our favourite beaches, recreating the vacation vibes at home has been crucial. In 2021, we’ll see more modern interiors with colours teal, ocean blue, and aquamarine. These colours will bring peace, calm, and comfort. 

Adaptable Layouts 

Since the start of the pandemic, a lot of office workers have shifted to working from home. Many had to find creative solutions to add an office room in their homes. This year we’ll see more fluid layouts in homes. We’ll see builds with non-permanent walls that can be moved to create new rooms. We’ll also see more homes that are open floor plans with creative partitions. 

Antibacterial Materials 

2020 has left a mark on us, making us all practically germophobes. The importance of hygiene is something that will permeate even in interior design trends. From touch-less flushing, infrared sensors to voice-activated appliances—everything will be created to reduce unnecessary contact. 

Edible Gardens 

People will continue to spend more time in their homes, and backyard gardening will rise. People will plant indoor herbs and vegetables and create their food gardens.


A style that’s a combination of Japanese design and Scandinavian minimalism is Japandi. It’s all about neutral tones and sleek lines. This style’s aesthetics also focus on comfort and simplicity. Overall the design looks minimal and calming; the colours are all derived from earthy tones. 

Sustainable Furnishing 

A significant trend in 2021 will be the rise of sustainable furnishings and design. People will think more about the items they place in their homes. They will focus on finding investment pieces that will last longer. We’ll also see an increase in demand for low-waste decors and furniture. 

Entertainment Spaces 

The threat of another virus will have people stay indoors more often. Because of this, we’ll see more consumer spending on indoor entertainment. People will buy better and bigger TVs, comfortable seating, and gaming systems. We’ll also see people have an excellent appreciation for beautifying their kitchens and purchase new tables, chairs and decor items.