What makes a truly luxurious home?

Have you ever dreamt of living in a luxury home? You probably have seen those posh modern mansions, penthouse, or castle-like houses in magazines and televisions. But have you ever wondered what makes them special? What exactly makes a home a “luxury home”? Let’s find out some of the common parameters that identify a home as a luxury home. 

What is a Luxury Home? 

There are many ways to define “luxury” — but in real estate, a luxury home is defined as properties in the top 10% of the market. These properties are characterized by their magnanimous square footage, amazing views, and high-end designs. These homes are one of the most coveted properties in their respective areas, and owning one of them is considered a prize. Here are some of the most common qualities that make a residential property a luxury home. 

Magnificent Views 

It’s not a luxury home if it’s not situated in one of the best areas in the country. Luxury homes in Australia are often designed with big balconies and wide outdoor areas to soak in the beautiful view of their surrounding. 

In your luxury home, you can enjoy watching the beautiful rise and set of the sun, the dancing waves in the turquoise beach, or the sparkling lights in the city below. Luxury homes give you the best views and make every scenery from your window an instagramable photo. It’s where you can have a staycation any time of the year. 

Square Footage 

Luxury homes often have more than a few bedrooms and bathrooms and have expansive outdoor spaces. Although this doesn’t apply to all luxury homes, most of them, especially the top luxury homes have plenty of rooms to sleep a family or two.

Premium Materials 

No luxury home is furnished with cheap materials. All luxury homes use premium and only the finest kinds of furnishing. Think of marble countertops, stainless steel appliances, herringbone floors, and elegant or antique decors. Every nook, corner, or room is touched by interior sophistication or modern elegance. All the designs are also carefully curated and placed by intention.

Privacy and Security 

The top luxury homes are built with privacy and security in mind. Since most owners of luxury homes are celebrities, they want homes where they can escape paparazzi and live a life of privacy. These homes are often equipped with fancy security systems and gated entrances with guards to keep out strangers from looking inside and disturbing their peace.