Tips on Beautiful Backyard Upgrades for Summer

It’s never too early to get your backyard ready for the summer. The season, after all, demands change. It also calls for a lot of guests. If you’ve let your backyard go for the winter, now is probably the right time to think about tidying up your backyard for the summer. Nothing too wild, of course. Something between tropical and wild should do it.

Get a Pool

It’s summer. As Australians, you’re probably going to find most people you know in the water to deal with the heat. That said, while getting a pool is not the cheapest upgrade you’ll ever hear anyone suggest to you, it’s also the one thing that makes the most sense. Swimming pools are a crowd pleaser- certainly a lot more popular than a regular garden (which could cost you several thousand worths of water). Simply put, you’d enjoy the pool better, especially in the heat. Even if you don’t swim, a pool can become a good centrepiece for your backyard. As it is, they come in all shapes and designs. You can even go crazy and paint your pool pink if you like (please don’t do that).

Install a Deck

Getting a deck can guarantee a summer resort vibe for your backyard. It’s easy to install as well as maintain. All you need to do to clean it is wash it with a mixture of detergent and warm water. You can stain or oil it, as you like. It’s practical and effortlessly fabulous. It also emphasizes your backyard and opens up your space for an inviting and cozy outdoor area. If you want to get a little more creative, you can even put up a projector screen for outdoor movie night.

Put Up Some lights

If you want to create a comforting and romantic ambience for your backyard, you should put up some string lights. This isn’t as expensive as a pool or a deck, but it could make the most difference. It should be enough to make your backyard space inviting, cozy, and aesthetic. It shouldn’t be too hard to find weather-resistant string lights. Plus, it’ll be a fun DIY project with your family.

Get Some Cover

Just because it’s summer doesn’t mean you have to be out in the sun all the time. You also need to get out of the harsh Aussie sun every now and then. Solution – you can build a pergola or a verandah to get some cover. This should help not only keep out the sun but also the rain in stormy seasons. Apart from these benefits, it can also set the stage if you want to entertain some friends who will most definitely prefer hanging out in the shade.

Get your outdoor cooking station ready

Summers are made for barbeque. If you don’t want to go to all that trouble setting up an outdoor kitchen, perhaps you should just make sure your outdoor cooking station for barbeque days is okay. Set up a cooler or a little fridge as well. After all, you can’t have a picnic without a cold brew in one hand and a BBQ in the other. Furthermore, if you want something a little fancier, perhaps you can bring your blender or drink mixer outside and make drinks for the ladies.

Wish for a home with an all-seasons backyard that is great for summers? We can make your dream a reality, simply contact us to see what we can build for your Dream Home.