The Importance of Lighting In Your Home

Lighting has always been an important aspect of interior design for all kinds of spaces. In this article, we’re going to explore some of the ways lighting significantly improves your home — and how you can use lighting to create a more balanced, livable, and functional space. 

Functionality and Illumination

Lighting, first of all, is important because it allows us to efficiently do our chores in dim rooms or during the night. For areas where you read, work, or need more lighting, task lights can do the job well. For example, you might need a floor lamp near your armchair where you often read. In the desk where you work, you’ll need a desk lamp to clearly see your notes and things. In the kitchen, where you chop and mix ingredients, you’ll also need a wall lamp or an overhead light. 


Lighting can also add to your home’s beauty. Accent lighting can highlight your home’s best interior elements. If you have a beautiful seating area, put grand lighting above it. If you want your guest to pay attention to your wall decors, add some light to it. Unlike task and functional lights, accent lighting only serve as supplementary decor to your rooms. 

The Illusion of Space 

Notice how cramped spaces are almost always dark and gloomy — while huge interiors are always bright and cheery? This is one of the most crucial benefits of a well-lit room: an area with plenty of both natural and man-made light always gives the illusion of space. 

A light-filled can also show off the colors better and add more visual space as the light reflects on surfaces. With proper lighting and good furniture arrangement, you can create a space that’s both radiant and inviting. This applies to almost any room, including bathrooms and offices. And although natural lighting creates more space illusion than man-made light, both are very effective in making a cramped room look less suffocating. 


As much as lighting changes the look of your room, it can also change the “feel” of your room. Lighting can change the ambiance of a space very quickly. A room that’s dark or poorly lit can make people grumpy. On the contrary, a bright and sunny area can make people healthy and happy.

Designing a home that provides lots of zones to enjoy natural light can make your home a more pleasant place to live. So, if you want to renovate your home to increase the comfort and happiness of your family, start by investing in good quality lighting and creating more windows and skylights that’ll increase the natural lighting in your house. 

Final Thoughts

Lighting is always a crucial part of interior design, and should never be overlooked when renovating or designing your home. When designing your home, don’t forget to create more zones for natural light, as well as windows, and proper lighting for your task areas. Knowing proper lighting techniques can not only help you create a more functional space but also a home that’s elegant and stylish.