Spruce up your space with these latest bathroom trends!

Bathrooms are places of privacy and comfort. They’re essential parts of our home where we get our much needed time for relaxation and retreat. Since we use them so often — why not make them luxuriously presentable?

Say no to Boring! Bathrooms don’t have to be cold and lifeless! Create a polished, sleek, and aesthetically pleasing bathroom with the tips below. From beautiful modern bathroom tubs to gold furnishings, these are the trends you need to watch out for this year.

1. Brass and Gold Fixtures
Bathrooms shouldn’t always be all white. More and more people are becoming confident in adding colour to their bathrooms; Gold and brass are hot for 2021. Make an effortlessly chic bathroom with the use of brass and gold fixtures. Adding just the right amount of luxury, these vintage fixtures will make your bathroom look grand and expensive. Gold and brass fixtures work well with all-white plumbing. Today, there are many brass and gold options such as matte, satin, and spun gold.

2. Smart Toilets
Smart technologies are here to stay — but this time, they bring appeal and style. Instead of going for traditional toilets, why not embrace technology and opt for a smart toilet? Smart toilets are increasingly becoming popular in Australia from 2020. With fantastic washing and drying capabilities which can all be controlled via remote or buttons, smart toilets provide an enhanced bathroom experience. That’s not all; smart toilets are also more eco-conscious as they save more water.

3. Sensor Taps
This trend inspired by germaphobes is now a real design trend. The chaotic year caused by the COVID-19 pandemic has encouraged many people to put more importance on hygiene. In busy bathrooms, sensor taps can be an excellent solution to ensure your hands stay clean all the time. It will reduce touch-points and prevent the virus from spreading.

4. Dark-Coloured Freestanding Tub
Showers and built-in tubs are a bit last season! This year, beautiful bathtubs take centre stage. Opt for a freestanding bathtub. A stunning freestanding bathtub always makes a statement in any bathroom. Any dark colour tub is unexpected and works wonders to keep the space look luxurious even when polished with simple furnishings.

If you’re not a fan of an all-black tub, there are also options like the ones that come with a black outer shell and a white interior. A modern-looking dark tub can be your most favourite furniture and the highlight of your bathroom for years!

5. Floating Vanities
Typical freestanding vanities often take up a lot of floor space in the bathroom — but what if you can mount your vanity instead? Placing your vanities on the wall can make way for lots of space on your floor. Wall-mounted vanities also look sleek and cool and give you so many customisation options. Plus, it makes it easier to clean the bathroom floor. So swap out your old vanity with a style that you’ll love to look at every day.

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