Spring Styling tips to spruce up your space.

Introduce a Pop of Color

Yes, Neutral Colors are in during Spring, but what is life without a few exciting exceptions. Adding a dose of colour that compliments neutral tones can brighten up your space and lift your mood. You don’t have to overdo it! Just incorporate it with simple accessories or a piece of furniture to give your home a coordinated feel.

Go for a Minimalist Look

If you love minimal, keep it light to achieve that look of freshness. Purge your home now. Do this by putting decorations away to make room for new things to come or restyling your space using what you already have. Grey and neutral colours are the backbones of a minimalist design.

Display Seasonal Art

Make your walls eye-catching by updating your art gallery. Replace the winter scenes with bright and colourful pieces. Having some new art pieces in your home will make the rooms feel fresh and updated, almost like adding a window to your room.

Affix Up-To-Date Tableware

The kitchen wears many hats- the place for conversing with friends, an entertainment centre, and a place to enjoy a meal with friends and family. Keeping the tableware clean and presentable, especially in the spring holiday, makes meals appetizing. A set of lighter dishes, cups and bright, colourful plates are pretty for warm weather. Spring-themed tableware rings in the season with lively, brilliant aesthetics and sophisticated designs.

Blow Out Candles

If you’re someone who’s obsessed and fills every room in the house with candles, it’s time to get used to a new scent. Swap those gingerbread and pumpkin-scented candles to a more seasonal fragrant such as floral and citrus candles to warm just about every corner in the house.

Store and Organize

Now that you’re finished decluttering, add a basket or more organizers in the room. These will be good for household items such as dog toys, stuffed animals, and just about any accessory laying around in the house while maintaining a chic interior.

Find Your Outdoor Lighting

Say goodbye to the old light fixtures and revitalize them with some modern aesthetic. Spring is the perfect time to prepare your outdoor lighting as the season provides that ideal illumination for brightening up your home exterior. The party doesn’t stop when the sun goes down.

Unveil Your Art and Prints

Relieve your favourite travels by displaying them in your home. If you cannot plan your trips this Spring, it is also a great way to be reminded of your favourite future destinations. Its personal touch makes it easier to be switched out for other prints in the future or can be used in different parts of the room, such as one’s bedroom or office.

Refresh Your Shower Fixtures

Aside from the standard changing of wallpaper, renovations and styling are not time-consuming but still serve a clean and Spring-updated appearance. Changing those shower curtains will make it seem that you’ve renovated the entire bathroom. Arrange your existing d├ęcor and fixtures to light and bright style.

Alter Your Hardware

If you have more budget in your pocket, remove all those knobs and pull in your dresser and kitchen cabinets because it is time to swap them for a more modern look. Mix and match the hardware base on your preference as it is something that you will always see and get a hold of when getting things done in the house,

Throw Pillows

Bring in some new pillow covers, as this adds a fresh look to your sofas, chairs, and beds and makes them feel brand new. It’s a quick refresh and only requires minimal effort. Make use of textiles if you opt to use a more neutral colour.

Paint a Room

Consider repainting an entire room for it is a quick and easy make-over. Choose your colours wisely as it will set the room’s mood to welcome a new season. A well-painted room will make it easier to accentuate with coordinating shades or switch out accessories and drapes throughout the year.

Be Natural

Add a fresh touch to any space with a display of fresh fruit or vegetables. Say yes to more house plants, you’re sure to love them! Fuse room colours by mixing in floral printed towels and beautiful window treatments. Doing so will create a feeling of being in nature as Spring is a season of rebirth.

You Can Never Go Wrong with White

Incorporating lots of white keeps your home looking light and airy to make your home as cheery as the season. White is also a perfect neutral, which helps mediate the intensity of bold colours; thus is easier to be paired with the different decorations and fixtures in the home.

Which ones are you trying this Spring? Have fun Spring styling!