Latest Kitchen Trends of 2021

Kitchen ambience is one factor that contributes to good family time and delicious meals. The Kitchen is the heart of the home. There is no doubt that whenever a kitchen is stylish, beautifully designed, and built to last, it ignites the love we have for cooking. It has been more than a year since we’ve had to stay at home due to the pandemic. With this, our kitchen has been the most used area of the house. Some updates and integration of the trends into our kitchen is a must-do!

This year, we are seeing the rise of multi-purpose kitchens that are highly functional and aesthetically pleasing. Here we’ll take you through the latest kitchen trends to lookout for!

Make it Black

Black has been widely popular as an accent colour in kitchens for years, but now it’s ready to take centre stage as a key colour. Aside from being luxurious and rustic, black is chic and inviting. There is no doubt that having an all-white kitchen will always be a timeless classic; nevertheless, there won’t be a shortage of colour palettes to choose from in the future.

 Island-mounted cooktops

A family’s kitchen should not simply be a place to eat, but it should create a loving and harmonious atmosphere. As families often eat at their countertops instead of sitting at the table during the week, island-mounted cooktops are a great option. It also makes it easier to serve the food!

Cabinets with contradictory finishes

It’s refreshing to use different textures in our kitchens; there’s no need to keep our cabinets white all the time. The contrasting kitchen cabinets now replace matching cabinetry – this creates an attractive focal point. Keeping it light up on top always helps out in grounding the space.

Sparky Details

A trendy kitchen can have a chic aesthetic and elevated design, along with antibacterial and antimicrobial features innate with the combination of warm metals. Having copper, rose gold, and brass for handles and fittings makes a massive difference in kitchen design.

Kitchen appliances hidden within drawers

The modern kitchen of 2021 hides appliances in functional drawers and cupboards associated with clever cabinet designs. It makes our kitchen look neater and protect our appliances while making locating them easy. So, this presents a stylish solution for much better cooking and eating experience with ergonomic kitchen appliances.

Earthy tones

Details inspired by nature will also dominate the trends in kitchen designs. For instance, one can use bamboo window blinds, natural stone tiles, wicker pendant lights to enhance the decor. It will also do the trick if you have warm colours like beige, brown, and terracotta.

Matching Finishes

Having trouble choosing between stainless and rustic finishes? The good news is that rustic and stainless finishes can both be combined. Many people are opting for mixed metals to add interest and character to their kitchens.

Kitchens with a country feel

Today, country-style kitchens are more often used in small and compact spaces, although they traditionally had liberal floor plans and large layouts. Despite the simplicity of country living and the convenience of modern living, the country-style kitchens of the modern era captivate the tranquillity of simple living.

Kitchen designs could enhance the cooking experience in many ways. Still, most importantly, the kitchen upgrades need to be scratch and bacteria-resistant, durable, and able to provide comfort while moving in and out of our kitchens.

Kitchen-living areas

Having the ability to prepare and eat in the kitchen extends family time together because it provides a functional area for both cooking and entertainment. This also breaks the sense of solitude since the cook will no longer be the only one in the kitchen! The whole family can stay in the area watching TV while the meal is getting prepped.

Trendy kitchen taps

For some homeowners, stainless steel will always remain the top choice when it comes to tapware. The safety, hygiene, and strong durability make it ideal to use for years. Additionally, in light of the growing popularity of motion-sensing and hands-free tapware, a touchless kitchen faucet will improve sanitation and reduce the spread of microbes.

Great kitchen designs enhance the cooking experience in many ways. Still, most importantly, the kitchen upgrades need to be scratch and bacteria-resistant, durable, and able to provide comfort while moving in and out of our kitchens.