Incorporating Hygge, The Danish Concept of Cosiness in Your Home

There’s nothing quite like the feeling of a warm, comfortable, and cozy space. For the many of us who feel stressed and tired due to our full schedules at work, finding time to really escape the chaos and simply relax in our own homes is almost impossible. But there’s one way you can do this without much effort. And that is through incorporating the concept of hygge in your space.  

What is Hygge?

Hygge (pronounced hue-guh) is a Danish word used to describe a feeling or mood when you’re cozy, comfortable, and oozing with contentment. It’s when you’re sipping hot cocoa on a winter afternoon snuggled up on your couch, or when you’re with your friends enjoying a movie with snacks. Hygge is all about bliss and relaxation. It’s the essence of a good and happy home.

How To Create A Feeling of ‘Hygge’ in Your Home

In interior design, hygge is all about creating a cozy space for you and your family. The following are tips to keep in mind when creating a carefree and fun hygge ambiance for your home. 

1. Embrace neutral colors 

Think beige, whites, greys, and brown. Everything in your hygge home should promote feelings of peace and harmony, and this includes the walls. Neutral colors encourage rest and relaxation. Spaces that are filled with these colors can make your home extra warm and soothing. It will also allow you to rest more peacefully. 

2. Use decor that creates a comfortable ambiance 

Hygge is all about comfort so the purpose of your decor should be relaxation, peace, and quiet. If you truly want to embrace hygge, you must create nooks and room that are great for unwinding. Strive for decor and furniture that look and feel cozy to the eyes. Some great examples are fluffy rugs, soft pillows, and comforters. Put blankets and fluffy throw pillows on your couch that encourage friends and family to gather.

3. Keep up with cleaning 

Hygge is all about creating the ambiance of comfort and for that to work, a clean and tidy surroundings is crucial. You can have all the cozy furniture you want but if your space is cluttered, it defeats the purpose of hygge. To help with maintenance and cleaning, you can do some tricks such as adding covers for your chairs and cushions or incorporating lots of storages so that you can keep clutter away. 

4. Use side lighting

Overhead bright incandescent lights not only hurt your eyes, but they also reduce the cozy feeling by making your space look too blue and unnatural. The best way to create a more cozy and inviting touch to your room is through using lamps or side lights that create a warm glow that draw you in for snuggling or taking a nap. They also mimic that warm glow from a fireplace which can soothe you in cold days. 

Are you ready to create a hygge house? Following the tips above can help you create a house where comfort, quiet, and relaxation is the over-arching theme.