Achieve the perfect first impression with a great home facade

Achieve the perfect first impression with a great home facade.
Your home’s façade is the first thing anyone sees when pulling up in a car or when walking down the street in the neighbourhood.

There are different factors to consider when designing your home front:

Where is your home located? Take note of the general architectural types and details used in your area, as deviating too much can cause your front to seem out of place.

Architectural Style
There are different architectural styles that you can choose from to base the design of your home front. Some of the popular styles that you can choose from are:

Hamptons style.
Known for more neutral colours and horizontal boards and lines.
French traditional. This style looks fancier with its elegant patterns and earthy colour palette.

Modern style.
This usually leans toward minimalism, clean and straightforward shapes and lines, as well as bolder colours and contrasts.

When you’ve chosen your design, you need to select the materials you’ll use to bring it to life. One good rule of thumb is that you don’t use more than three different materials for your façade. Any more can be very visually distracting and too “busy”. When choosing your materials, remember to note one crucial thing- maintenance.

No matter how beautiful, the material can become bothersome and quite costly in the long run if it needs special care or maintenance. Brickwork is both lovely and is relatively easy to maintain. Materials like timber need some extra love to keep it beautiful.

Your material choice can also be affected by your area’s climate conditions. Does it rain a lot? Are you located close to the sea? You need to choose materials that are suitable for the weather.

Colors/ Paint
When choosing your colours, it’s best to have one primary base colour, one accent colour, and another for your trim. It’s good to choose colours that complement and contrast each other. Your choice of the colour palette can stay within the family of neutral colours, or you can opt for something bolder.

You’re not just considering your paint colours. If your façade makes use of beautiful natural materials like stone or wood, you might want to take advantage of these or build your palette around them.

A good home front doesn’t end with just the façade of your house. It’s complemented and made even more beautiful by a well-designed lawn.

Your driveway and your fence should use materials that work with the design of your home’s façade. Use some ambient lighting to highlight features of your home’s front. Beautify your home front with lawn furniture, ornaments, or even vegetation. When choosing materials, furniture, and decorations, always keep maintenance in mind.

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